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The end was never in sight

and now it’s here

though I accept all of life for what it is, with intention,

without fear…

only part of me wishes that for once, this kind of happiness could have been a true thing.

I’ve been searching all my lifetimes and finally find it in this, my longest yet very last one,

only for it to never become…

I knew I’d have to do some of this alone for a while –

solitude is my best and oldest friend;

I just thought maybe for once in all these lives I’ve lived

for just once, I’d get the one thing I always wanted.

Now I understand. The path of least surrender

always bruises the heart

and fortifies the soul.

For me, for this journey;

Alone is not lonely, it is necessary.

I’m at peace with this, even despite how it’s already torn me into pieces.

Healing is the battle where more casualty than causality happen.


It’s incredible how the world spins

hundreds of miles per hour

Even while I feel like

I’m standing perfectly still;

Sometimes I feel like I’m playing hopscotch with

the Earth

And the only thing moving

are my eyes, following the

almost imperceptible shifts

of time sliding gently by…

But damn,

The moon looks beautiful



I get high
so I can see my lows
and recalibrate their frequencies.

I get as elevated
as my vibrations
so I can flow freely
as the smoke pluming from my herbs,
and meander across the air
like the steam rising from my coffee.

I ascend higher in myself
because I walk tall
and sitting low
is uncomfortable.

I inhale flowers because
I nurture and nourish myself the same as my garden;
feeding body, soul and melanin
with water, [sun]light, and air.

I toke leaves and buds
because it’s in my nature
to grow –
And when the beautiful seeds of creation take root within,
and branch out,

I have infinite room for their expansion.

I breathe (in) these healing vapors
to hydrate my mind
and purify my body
as I connect with [my] Spirit;
Meditation the energetic playground
through which my inner child
flits and frolics.

I smoke trees
to oxygenate my inner space
and circumvent the vacuum of
rumination and confusion.


My heart has been full,

but just today it overflowed;

And it’s been brimming with

unspoken truths

that threaten to spill from my lips,

my eyes,

tinging my words and gazes

with an almost melancholy emotional depth

at any given moment.

At times

it feels almost unsettling

to be so outwardly vulnerable

with such uninhibited intensity

opening up like a well-loved book

to someone I can’t even read!

So me and my effusive heart

return to our safe space;

Back into our sturdy shell –

Hermiting ourselves away from the rest of the world.


I feel you gently chiseling away

all my fears and doubt – my insecurities on full display.

Like a bandit veiled in darkness’ cover

in a museum of dreams,

you’re quickly and efficiently

cracking through the shields

around my heart.

Breaking through the calcified walls of wounds

I’ve surrounded myself with

across time and existences;

And at this point,

I’ve lowered my defenses –

won’t be soon before long

that I fully surrender

to your love.


You tend so much toward the airy-fairy

that any attempt to help you aground

makes you feel tethered, trapped…

You hardly seem to realize

that sometimes your brilliant mind

and exuberant wings

need a rest.

You don’t see that

sometimes pit stops are necessary redirections;


you’re never restricted, love –

No matter what,

you’re always free to fly.


artful formations decorate my skies

as haze and clouds swirl past my head

and then I look up to behold

nature’s own art.

Deft brushstrokes and cottony ribbons

strung across endless blue depth –

and the longer I gaze,

the more it seems

that I could just fall in…

If I just don’t blink;

Who’s to say

I won’t?


hang me up in the sky

like the star I might’ve been

my light is unlike the others

I wouldn’t have lasted long anyhow;

I tend to hide my light

so others don’t have the chance

to dim it

before I decide

how I even

want to shine in the first place.


Inner Peace

True wealth is the wealth of the soul


Poetry, story and real life. Once soldier, busnessman, grandfather and Poet.


A collective of thoughts, poetry, writing works, blurbs, and other randomosity


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