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Time Stands

Time is always standing still;

It’s we who move so abruptly

through life

that we fail to notice how much

time we take for granted

all while we’re trying our hardest

to manipulate it

to our own means.



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Come here to me
get closer
than you already are;
There’s something about you
that intrigues, fascinates,
draws me in –
And I always wonder
if maybe I happen to be
in way over my head…
But if I am,
then I never want to
come  up for air.


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Purging myself of all my emotions

seeing my thoughts splayed against

a page

in black and white

reminds me of all the gray areas

my grey matter thinks into

and that life itself isn’t black and white.

Facts and logic and also matters of heart

do intersect and their encounters

birth intuition.

Maybe I do spend too much time

in my own head

but ideas aren’t passive

and are most often conceived from the colors found

in the blazes

of innovation’s dying phoenix.

Life’s gray areas are simply

the  colors we’re blind to

until we open our seeing eyes.



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Cosmic Wilds

Rat-a-tat-chatting with my inner Divine
wanting to innerstand my perception(s)
of time.
Stories of past lives swirled among my
consciousness –
sudden actualization.
Overstanding Time not as a measurable unit
or concept,
but as a living entity that exists
to record each moment
as they happen to be…
Time doesn’t move;
it is perfectly still.
So that it can catch and cradle
each uniquely crafted occurrence and memory
as they hurtle  through the cosmic wilds of multiversed
They are the stories written across our stars.
I felt a great sigh shiver along my snynapses
and She said, “If you don’t stay focused; this world is gonna pass right by you.”
Suddenly, I was back in my bedroom, remembering I only
came in here to refill my favorite lighter.



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Is it greedy of me
to keep inhaling
until I burn my fingers?
Am I overindulgent
if I break my fast
to share meals with my family?
Should I care too much
if the numbers on
the scale keep creeping and climbing
up and up?
What spirited vines;
Does it matter if there’s a little jiggle now
in my thighs and around my waistline?
Does it make me too selfish
if I
ignore calls and texts
for my own peace of mind –
and is it stealing if I take
a few extra minutes
for solitude, to realign?
Have I done this so very wrong
everything came out right?

And why is it I always question life
when I’m just  remembering to live it
while I’m drifting
at night?

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Cold Whispers

They all wait

for the warm weather

and the better times

and opportunities to

be “themselves” in public space

and all  I can think

is how maybe the cold is


No one wants to talk

when their heads are down

and their teeth chatter

and their only motivation

is getting to where it’s warm.

Cold is a friend that

whispers often

but never so loud as when everyone else

has nothing to say.

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Genesis Nirvana (Sunrise)

Golds, yellows, reds
oranges, purples and rose;
The fading greys of night, the shifting oceanic blues of dusk –
mellow beams of radiant light
and soft warmth gilding everything/one
in their path.
Glittering jewels in the crown
of the dawn.
Her ascent and coronation
are the day, and
as further it expands,
becoming potential itself,
the sky bursts alive with color, aglow with the Sun’s fires.
All awake
stunned into quiet awe
as sunrise makes her marks
on the unblemished canvas
of a new day’s genesis…
The most precious gift of the day
is the small moment where all is
blissfully calm, and nothing stirs:
a collective stillness
a moment of pure oneness with the Universe
sunrise is a daily infusion of Nirvana
before the plunge into
the perpetual routine busyness
of the mortal world.