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Moments [Baby Can We]

your mind is my oasis;

an uncertain paradise,

a respite…


the world

and all its confusion.

your arms my haven,

within them

I find

peace, strength.

calm in my calamity,

you soothe the aches in my heart –

heal the cracks in my soul.

baby, can we just…

lay here?

can we…

find the divinity the world never gave us?

in each other’s arms…

baby, can we just


here, with each other;

all is right

even if it’s wrong

even if we’re confused,

right now,

there’s nothing but this moment.

I just wanna imbibe in you.

Can we just…

can we?

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Sunflowers of Purple & Light

Bars in your run-on sentences,

Unrehearsed profundity in your energetic words.

Your every movement an art,

poetry in motion…

Even standing still,

your beauty is unprecedented.

For each smile you bestow,

my heart laughs in return.

And each tear you’ve shed –

daggers to my unburdened soul;

they water the sunflower

in hues of purple & light

that grew when

the universe celebrated your arrival.

Beautiful dynamo,

chaotic in nature

yet smooth as aftermath.

Sage as love,

you are balm and bandage to both heart and soul.

Every breath you draw

is one I’d give

to ensure you always smile.

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Ripple Effect

Eyes of shimmering black velvet,

rivaled only by stars;

with lights that twinkle from within like diamonds.

Smiles seldom but true,

words few but direct.

Approaching life as it comes,

with unexpected, yet deliberate sincerity.

As steady and patient as the day is precious;

you rush for no one –

even as you tightrope the precipice between

boyhood and adolescence; gracefully,

and with feet grounded firmly.

Your disposition adapts from moment to moment,

even in precarious uncertainties…

My peaceful spirit,

unassuming in nature and fiery in temper.

Solid strength of demeanor –

Keeping all around you balanced yet on their toes…

Your presence reverberates wherever you are.

Ripples of calm and unobtrusive energy

that emanate from their originator

the effect that of a pebble on a pond,

light at first, momentum building within each new undulation

forming from the sheer inertia

of the tiny waves before them.

You, my child, you are change itself –

inspiring others to evolve

just to understand the dynamic soul you are.

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Renaissance Virtuoso

To you, beautiful manchild –

you, who sees the colors

of the souls around him.

You who senses the destiny

of the world beyond.

And you, who masters everything

he imagines;

Renaissance virtuoso,

conductor of art.

Quiet confidence in how you listen

to the rhythms of intangible energies.

You, with a child’s exuberant innocence

and the sageness of souls millenia old…

To you, who soothes all he touches,

You, full of tranquility and light.

You – so introspectively driven

you’re mistaken as shy!

Smiles that come slowly and impishly;

Eyes full of spirited intellect.

Look at you, how you’ve grown;

from boy to unfledged man –

You move with grace and love

and speak in warmth and gold.

Changing yet constant –

yearning for past’s comfort

while reaching for future’s terror

You, my son, my magical boy

full of color and gentle strength.

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Unknown Knowledge

Everything we know

is an exact reflection of

everything we don’t…

perfectly symmetrical,

yet opposite in dimension –

bisecting lines

and differing colors

that keep each other apart

but still mirror

their core essential purpose –

separation the wanton veil

disuniting them.

Because knowledge itself

is merely the unconscious

realization that

we can’t know

more than we don’t.

Knowledge and ignorance

are equal…

Wisdom their mediator.

Inequality is simply

the inability to recognize

that everything is balanced

by the very nature of its own imbalance.


…Knowledge is only defined by the unknown.

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Ashes of the Phoenix

No matter where I go,

I’m asked to “tone it down,”

and then asked why I’m “lookin’ so mean”

when my smile rests in a perpetual frown.

My loquacious words and awkward sentences

never find their place…

not in public, or shared areas,

not even in my own safe, sacred space.

I have to change, an emotional carousel;

the “right” reaction always just out of range

signals crossed, just slightly, like a bad battery cell.

My regular outbursts of self-expression

interspersed with brightly colored f-bombs

and enthusiastically mismatched clothing and eclection

should not be reason for anyone to try

to quiet the way I live out loud –

Just as the clouds peacefully coexist in the vastness of sky,

so too do I want to be accepted in a world

that’s too proud.

We are encouraged to follow our hearts,

chase our dreams, accomplish goals –

do our parts.

We’re reminded to embrace who we are,

who we were or could’ve been,

who we be and who we will be.

I try, and in doing so, am “too much,”

dare I be so bold.

R.I.P. to all the pieces of me

that inadvertently die

when I squelch even more of my desire to be.

To avoid offending someone else,

I rearrange and release more pieces of myself…

The loss poignant like a phoenix’s death –

new fragments rising from the ashes

the previous body left.

And even no matter how far “downed” the tone gets –

No matter how docile I try to appear,

I still feel unwelcome in most spaces –

And maybe also, I’m just afraid

that one day someone will speak to me

as though they were listening

instead of only waiting to hear.

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Spider (Truly)

Truly, you only captured my mind…

merely ensnared it in deadly, silky threads

of logic and intellect.

Pulling it in closer,

even as you wrapped it tighter and tighter

in knowledge, and in love.

Leaving only the nerve center exposed,

as your words sank like fangs

into my bared ego.

And truth your venom,

racing through consciousness and synapse,

instant ecstasy

moments before excruciating pain.

Yet even this pain is joy;

though sinister in its unforgivingness.

Then finally, unexpected calm spreads over thought patterns

like honey;

As my mind opens to accept its fate…

Forever changed, never quite the same

Ego death releasing depths of ignorance –

It is finally free.

Truly, you only lifted my mindset.

My thoughts defy gravity.

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I go wherever the universe leads me;

but it’s my heart I truly follow –

for if we’re of the universe,

then we’re undoubtedly connected to Her…

Heart, mind, soul, even body.

And it’s through these connections

she calls to us

in songs that thrum in the blood

and hum through the spirit,

urging movement, action, change.

Always, we’re exactly where we’re meant to be.

Even if we don’t perceive universe as all,

we acknowledge Her divine presence.

Some of us know Her as God,

or a higher deity,

the Earth Mother herself, maybe.

Despite what we classify as differences,

the energy that moves us is the same.

The way we love, live, eat, feel

are similar even in their varied contrasts

because our interconnectedness to this universe

is connection to all things, all beings living;

and it’s only in being led by the universe,

that we’re able to follow our hearts.