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I go wherever the universe leads me;

but it’s my heart I truly follow –

for if we’re of the universe,

then we’re undoubtedly connected to Her…

Heart, mind, soul, even body.

And it’s through these connections

she calls to us

in songs that thrum in the blood

and hum through the spirit,

urging movement, action, change.

Always, we’re exactly where we’re meant to be.

Even if we don’t perceive universe as all,

we acknowledge Her divine presence.

Some of us know Her as God,

or a higher deity,

the Earth Mother herself, maybe.

Despite what we classify as differences,

the energy that moves us is the same.

The way we love, live, eat, feel

are similar even in their varied contrasts

because our interconnectedness to this universe

is connection to all things, all beings living;

and it’s only in being led by the universe,

that we’re able to follow our hearts.


Curating Personal Year 9. Wife and mom of 3. Writer. Zentrovert. Aspiring Engineer. Resident Badass.

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