Autumn in Rememory

The leaves shift and shimmer

at sunlight’s warm caress,

dew sheaths petals and grass blades

like the intimate embrace of a dress.

Breezes whisper through

air’s delicate fingertips,

flowing gently through and over

everything they touch –

stirring all that know them,

they carry with them

the songs of the memories

that move them.

Mischievous winds whistle past

bustling along with a clumsy grace

around the edges of nature;

Noisy and blustering,

never quite touching anything –

sweeping across and away

multitudes of things and beings

in its infinitely tangled paths.

Never about for long,

Briskly brutal admonitions

of life’s fragile fortitude.

We make roots wherever we land

as is nature’s way…

As autumn reminds

life is as a leaf,

its time here brief, yet beautiful –

Unforgotten even as it fades away…

We never are where we stay.

originally written November 4, 2018