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Soul Mirrors

I don’t search for failings in people,

those make themselves evident without prompting…

No, what I look for

are the hidden attributes

that make them unique,

humanly imperfect.

Flaws are attractive,

only in that

they refuse to hide themselves from others,

and so they force their owners

to accept them rather than trying

to change them.

It is in this acceptance of different,

this admonition of ego,

that I find the soul of a person.

It is where courageous change lives.

Those that embrace their personal truths,

no matter how painful,

are powerfully secure

in their understanding of self.

And it is in these people

I search for the elusive fragments

of the mirrors

that echo the reflections

of my soul.


Written 19 January 2019


Curating Personal Year 9. Wife and mom of 3. Writer. Zentrovert. Aspiring Engineer. Resident Badass.

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