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Witch (Mirrored Different)

Look, mama! Look. A witch!

No, baby, she says.

There are no witches,

Only people who understand

That this world

is not where they belong, only where they reside.

Listen, baby.

People who know

who they are –

They’re different.

We’re taught different is terrifying

We’re told different should be punished.

But it isn’t any of these things.

Different is beautiful,

different is all of us.

It’s who we all are, how we all are.

Look again, baby. See her now?

Is she a witch?

Or is she just not like

what you’re used to, what you’ve already seen?

Is she scary?

Or is she just not what

she appears?

If we must ask

who a person is,

We should also ask ourselves

Who we are to question

Anyone’s presence-

especially our own.

She’s no witch.

She is you,

and she is me, and she is us.

She is magical

And so are you.

Look, baby. See?

It’s only our mirror.

May 29, 2019