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Sick Day

Sparkly nails and coffee cups,

a rumpled comforter,

sunlight on my bare skin…

Today feels like fuzzy socks

and comfort food

and not leaving my bed.

I’m sorry, but I don’t think

I’ll make it in today…

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Wandering Antenna

In the background,
Sadé is crying everyone’s tears

and me, I just…
feel everyone’s feelings,
a wandering antenna
picking up the static
hidden behind waves –
not meant for shore;
Life is no beach.

Lapping in endless marathons
around frequencies unseen,
a maypole dance
of uncharged energy
for which I’m the conduit –

Like the crossed signals
of a broken remote;
I struggle to change the channels.

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Sorry if it seems

I’m just not into this –


I’ve arrived at the end of my emotional


and currently,

all I have to hold onto

are the calluses

from the last drop.

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Heavy Too Long

Don’t be so heavy,
drop those burdens you bear…
They’re not yours to carry alone;

Your humanity is your heroism-
but even heroes can’t save them all.
I’ll lift you lighter –
some of these cannot stay.

All you have to do
is release them,
let them go.

And this time,
breathe only to free yourself –
let your own peace of mind
carry you far from where
you been heavy too long.