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Please don’t get too bothered

if you followed my blog

and it seems I didn’t

follow you back.


but WP’s mobile app

didn’t believe me…

I’m following you now.

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Optimistic Hopes

All I can think of these days
is all I endure
and I tell myself
it’s so
my daughter doesn’t have to
when she encounters the world
on her own.

But the sad fact is
I’m raising her
to be prepared
to endure the same things,
and it hurts me
to my soul…

The thought that
she’d ever have to
diminish herself
for another’s comfort,
or approval
is painful to conceive of…

I have optimistic hopes
that her life, her future
will be kinder to her
than mine has been
to me.

And even still,
I look at the world around me,
the shambles I find it in,
and I wonder
how we got here,
and when
we’ll get to leave.

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I fear
I’ve messed this all up –
This life thing,
It doesn’t feel like I’m doing it
quite right.

I’m always just…
every bit of the wrong things,
too intense, too awkward;
too passionate, too aggressive.
Too full of words,
too not enough.

I don’t know how to fix it,
make it better…
is it only my own responsibility?
“Different” can be a lonely life…

It only hurts
when I think about it
too much.

Instead of thinking too hard, I just let my wonder


It’s only easier
because I’ve always had trouble believing
my thoughts
could cause me pain.