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Headache Prone

You make my head hurt –
every time you’re close
my mind travels
to lives of past vibrance
we once

You’re different there;
So was I –
but our soul flames always knew
how to find their twins
in each other…

You don’t like eloquence
and poetry
or prose;
And I’m prone to
thinking of ways
to tell you I knew you once,
many times over.

It hurts my head,
but then maybe I don’t even have to
say anything.
Or just maybe, I think too much.

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Enigma of Existence

I feel like that lone puzzle piece
that doesn’t really fit
into any other puzzles

And yet, hope of finding its true place
is the enigma of its existence –

It’s worn enough around the edges
that it can pretend to fit for a while
in mildly disjointed puzzles;
Until it pops loose,
and is exposed as abnormality…

Cast aside
until itΒ almost fits into a different puzzle.
And so such cycles continue until
it’s cut to fit
and lacquered,
pressed into place –

Uncouth edges
suddenly glossy and smooth
which only really emphasize
its uncertain position…

How unique it was
When set carefully apart.