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May I have your help, please, in naming my blog…? Because if I buy this domain, kayfucius.com Seems nowhere nearly as effectual as maybe kayfuciusthe.blog Or kayfucius.world. I should probably just keep it simple… But I never did figure that part out. Help me, please; This time, My indecisions Are not so desirable as annoying.

Other people’s writings are better than mine; Yes, it’s true. Undeniably better – still I write, not in hopes I’ll ever be similar, Only because my self-expression is a primary lifeline – Buoy in the mercurial seas of uncertain chaos.

I have some trouble telling people all my “used-tos,” It leads down this rabbit hole of more things I used to do, think, be, say, see. And it seems like I have issues, but honestly, they’re more like Editions… every one more distinct than its predecessor, and each a different minefield to navigate. I used …

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Digging into the dusty depths of my memory To unearth some detail of sudden recall… Remembering where I put a thing I had years ago, and wondering if I should still have it after all this time. I think that If we kept things as long as we keep memories, Maybe we’d all have more …

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October 17, 2019

I beast.

Because, running a blog while working, parenting, and wifing full-time, while holding it all together?! Hello. It me. ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿพ

Not bragging, just proud of myself and how far I’ve come, compared to who I once was.

I decided not to meditate this morning. Instead, I sat outside breathing the crisp, cool, autumn air and watched the dawn paint the sky with its cotton candy colors while the leftover silvery beams of the moon’s light began to dampen and fade to wisps becoming the shimmering dew on the grass, the sparkling diamond …

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I love all the squiggles, scratches, scrawls, scribbles carets and paragraph marks unexpected brackets, write-overs, and random annotations that swirl boldly through most of my handwritten work. They all highlight mistakes, yet also remind how quickly the mind moves to make sense of all its random, unordered chaos and then create art from it. Inspiration …

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I’ve learned to be the kind of friend to myself that I want to have. How I treat myself is how I’ll treat others and how they’ll treat me in kind. My self-compassion could make me a selfless companion. I grow more when I know more about myself. I’m always learning…   15 October 2019

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A collective of thoughts, poetry, writing works, blurbs, and other randomosity


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