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Just Before Sunrise

I decided not to meditate this morning.

Instead, I sat outside breathing the crisp, cool, autumn air

and watched the dawn paint the sky with its cotton candy colors

while the leftover silvery beams of the moon’s light

began to dampen and fade to wisps

becoming the shimmering dew on the grass, the sparkling diamond droplets on the spiders’ silky webs,

And the sleepy mistiness of the early day that

always comes just before sunrise.

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Rough Draft

I love all the
squiggles, scratches,
scrawls, scribbles
carets and paragraph marks
unexpected brackets, write-overs, and random
that swirl boldly through
most of my handwritten work.

They all highlight mistakes,
yet also remind
how quickly the mind
to make sense of
all its random, unordered chaos
and then
create art
from it.

Inspiration tames madness;

I keep all my rough drafts.


15 October 2019
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Stay Lit

the spliff don’t
stay lit
when you dropping knowledge.

So basically,
it goes out when
output becomes greater than intake…

The cherry loses its fire,
and the tree
stops pulling.

Sometimes I think our brains are essentially just unusually-shaped blunts.


15 October 2019