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Name Me…

May I have your help, please,

in naming my blog…?

Because if I buy this domain,

Seems nowhere nearly

as effectual

as maybe


I should probably just

keep it simple…

But I never did

figure that part out.

Help me, please;

This time,

My indecisions

Are not so desirable

as annoying.

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Used-Tos (Next Episode)

I have some trouble

telling people all my “used-tos,”

It leads down this rabbit hole

of more things

I used to do, think, be, say, see.

And it seems like

I have issues,

but honestly, they’re more like


every one more distinct than its predecessor,

and each

a different minefield

to navigate.

I used to fear judgment,

But now,

I wait patiently

for the next episode;

Life is an unending season.