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Vernal Aesthetics and Night

peppermint tea in a favorite cup
water in a sticker-laden bottle,
the front lawn a dusky backdrop
in the tri-light of early evening aesthetics.

porch lights blink on –
the first fireflies of night.
crickets trill and voices travel;
cars arriving at homes
leaving them too…

sirens in the distance
too brief to ponder their disturbance.
air moves, moonlight and streetlight
compete for presence,
filming the scene in picturesque haze.

laughter and children’s small shouts
mingle with closing doors
and the wandering breeze

sounds of neighborhood…

time begins to meander
and stars twinkle amusedly,
tiny laughing winks
in the vast eye of night.

and sight and sound are one
energy is air

the day fades away.


11 May 2019


Curating Personal Year 9. Wife and mom of 3. Writer. Zentrovert. Aspiring Engineer. Resident Badass.

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