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Intrepid Dreams

Dreams are both

perplexity and marvel,

I’m still learning to understand


such wispy fragments of subconsciousness,

subtle forces of will

so intrepidly insert themselves


a memory or thought

as though it actually happened,


And how

the mind so ably creates

such vast space to transcend,

to exist within,

to unify with imagination.

I always wondered

at the capacity

of the psyche

to delineate the blurred edges between

perception and actuality,

heightening consciousness

beyond the pinnacles

of enlightened liberation.

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Every new year
starts a bit belated
for me,
as has much in my life –
including same.

I shrug off resolution,
impervious to the habitual
regular refrains
of strangers and peers…

I’m hesitant to use the “promise”
of (a) new year
as excuse;
An empty motivation
toward what I neglected to attempt
in the year yester.

Time is only lost when it is ignored.

And so this year arrived anew,
as prompt as they always muster.
Somehow I didn’t notice
until after
that first, shiny new day
faded into the diaphanous folds
of precious memory.

Maybe I’m more jaded now,
my proclivities for newness
and also novelty
appear to have lost their luster.

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We never notice

when the ice melts;


through feigned annoyance

at the precipitation

on the glass

as the water mellows to meniscus;

Somehow we miss

the naked glory divine

in the simple, prepense cycles

of the life


we declare inane

and eventually leave