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Gratitude: A Letter-Poem

You’ve given me such a great gift,

and the best part is

you don’t even know –

funny how a word, a gesture, a kind or selfless act

has the power to change a life.

And yours, it’s changed mine –

now I look at it differently.

And one day, I’ll thank you,

maybe even try to repay you…

But for now, I hope you know

that your quiet

and uplifting encouragement

has made all the difference

in how seriously

I live my life.

Gratitude is often not easily given –

but forever, you have mine…

I can only hope

that for every kindness you’ve ever shown,

and every warm word you’ve spoken

you find infinite and continuous


as you enjoy

your life.


Curating Personal Year 9. Wife and mom of 3. Writer. Zentrovert. Aspiring Engineer. Resident Badass.

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