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I remember your lucidity

like my name;

I can never forget

how full of moxie

you once were…

Now, a shell

with traces of you deep within –

I’m trying to find the her I


She’s hiding from us,

but so dearly do we all miss

that quiet strength, that…

beautiful energy

that always told us

It will all always be alright.

I miss your mind, laughter, the soft caresses

of your work-worn hands.

Truly, I’d give almost anything

to have a conversation,

to hear you laugh…

Dementia has stolen that from us,

and as much as I want to hate it,


I still feel a certain rage

at all we can’t get back,

return to.

You’re still mine,

my heart and soul comes from you.

I just…

It hurts, and

I want my grandma

to just be,

the way you used to.