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Can’t keep up,

can’t back down –

Speak optimistically

internally I frown

because maybe I’m doing too much,

though it feels I do little;

As such,

I quickly lose focus

and get to feeling quite bogus.

All of this feels…wrong

I feel like I just don’t belong:

Not even wanting to fit in

I just want to celebrate

my small wins…

Instead of beating myself up for

not conquering the entire mountain.

Scaling for score;

Still feeling there should be more.

Either something’s missing

Or I’m missing something.

Trade tears

For fears

I’m posturing

to hide my bad posture…

Tripping over self-doubt

Self-confidence won’t

come into the out.

I can’t figure out why

I kill myself

hoping to die…

In competition with only me,

shadows are always hard to see.

I’ve nothing to prove

to anyone’s roster –

incessant syndrome on the move.

One day, maybe,

I’ll feel less of an


October 4, 2020

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Failed Humility

I undercut

and underestimate so much

about myself

I’ve started to believe

my own lies –

And try to convince other people

to believe them too.

I don’t much like my own voice,

or handwriting

and so in [topics of] discussion,

I tell others that

they aren’t much;

Often, they tend

to disagree

as I should also,

but somehow never really get past

petty self-deprecation.

October 4, 2020