A collective of thoughts, poetry, writing works, blurbs, and other randomosity

Just like that, it happened

so swiftly I didn’t even realize

until after the frenzy faded…

My fingers stopped moving,

and thoughts failed to make coherent


An eyeblink, fallen lash, the speed of gravity –

An unexpected winter’s cold arrival;

everything froze, maybe surprised as I was,

and then there was…nothing.

A sudden, stark white world;

A shocking lapse, like reaching a lone blank page

in a full journal

or like the jarring loss of signal, sound, color

with only staticky snow for company.

I sit here,

stuck in the grasp of

what was just there;

Struggling to regain inspiration

But it’s gone, and

I can’t fathom how I so quickly

lost my creative flux…

Watching it slip gleefully through my fingers

only to disintegrate into useless ash as I tried to catch it,

unsure whether it’ll ever recover

its former glory.

Writing is always such a right thing

Yet, it’s flighty like a potential new lover;

Always courted, but never kissed –

That is, until imagination ghosts

And the writer finds themselves



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A collective of thoughts, poetry, writing works, blurbs, and other randomosity


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