A collective of thoughts, poetry, writing works, blurbs, and other randomosity

Have you breathed breaths today?

How many?

Did you even count?

Does youth still anoint your temple

with the waters of its fount?

Your heart thrums and dances to the beat of life’s rhythm;

Isn’t this still true?

Your lifeblood wells from these vibrations, flowing in the richest rivers,

through the hills and valleys of you.

Is your mind still firing thought and synapse

that tell its body what to do?

Don’t (m)any of the sights your eyes see

evoke expressive reaction untold?

How many times did they blink, or roll;

itch, or blur, or close?

What about the scents that so blithely drift

into your curious nose?

Are we also breathing what we smell?

If there’s a difference, can any of us tell?

Doesn’t your tongue shift to taste the flavors

of food, as well as words?

Your ears, they hear, the Spirit listens –

is it sound or noise they heard?

What ignites within you when you hear your own name?

What of it defines you, and do any two lips utter it the same?

Do you actually feel all you touch

or are the sensations of feeling just way too much…

to process?

Can you remember your memories – are they sensual, vivid, soundless?

Are they still lucid, and bright?

Or, have they become time-worn and faded,

fleeting as the sudden, silent wings

of migratory birds startled into flight?

Do your senses teach you anything about your world?

Or are they simply an involuntary, passive, unconscious swirl?

Do your instincts guide your steps?

Does intuition illuminate your journey through life?

Or, is your current reality too mired in confusion, and in strife?

Is it too much to ask for you to stay true to your purposeful path?

Don’t you know that dividing – rather than divining – yourself

adds up to imbalanced aftermath?

A planet’s only center is its own axis;

Mindfulness is only a word

until honored by practice.

Time doesn’t slow, or hasten;

In fact, it doesn’t move at all –

unless acknowledged, measured, or wasted…

Yet we confine ourselves to its call.

Love, harmony, and patience are the soul’s crowning glories,

Stardust and light the ink writing our cosmic stories.

Gratitude and serenity are the shining keys

that unlock the doors

to self-mastery.



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A collective of thoughts, poetry, writing works, blurbs, and other randomosity


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