A collective of thoughts, poetry, writing works, blurbs, and other randomosity

So what if my writing sometimes refuses

to go any deeper than surface level

and touch all the raw, sore spots,

the gaping wounds,

imprinted onto me

by the egopinions of everyone but myself?

Maybe I’m just tired of pain, and

the remains of my own ego

seek to shield me from the traumas of reality…

Because the entire truth has always been

I’ve never had too many chances to go deep within –

until now;

There’s always been someone lurking over my shoulder

and buried underneath my skin

or permeating, redirecting, usurping my energy

for their own.

Though I’m always surrounded by others

I’m also still very much alone.

Not tragically so;

Even more honestly,

I prefer it that way

solitude and silence are greater friends;

animals and nature I enjoy more

than the animalistic nature of humanity’s majority.

My vibrations tend to stay higher

than the clouds in my flowers.

And yet;

Most interestingly, the toxicity, isolation, and imbalance

that’ve defined the most formative chunks of my experience

have been my greatest educators

in this world’s institution;

My most cherished tutors in the realms of

boundaries, trust, serenity, and gratitude.

I’m a scholar of life, I must teach as I learn…

The first lesson of fire, and its true power too

is that it doesn’t know discernment, it simply is;

it will not be tamed or controlled

and willfully burns everything and everyone exactly the same.

Consciousness is reality’s general

rule of thumbprint

Each is unique and different in how they touch the world –

but all have identical purpose.

Though my approach is the most elemental form of paradox,

I remain open to nuance.

I’ve yet to make my own mark,

continuing to explore brave new worlds of words

and dimensions of thought –

strange pioneer of enigmatic territory.

I wander within

among the fields and mines of my mindscape

to find my own [inner] light.

I choose not to battle, still I bear the brunt of its scars,

staying this path only became a struggle

when I set aside my will to fight.

Courage, be strong, and consequence be damned –

like the tides of time, I am infinite and, as yet, undefined;


the limit does not exist.



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A collective of thoughts, poetry, writing works, blurbs, and other randomosity


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