A collective of thoughts, poetry, writing works, blurbs, and other randomosity

To the friends I may never find

and the tribe we’ve yet to become;

To the lover I may never meet

the twin life fire whose soul remembers mine,

the sparks that still have time to fly

and the connection we haven’t formed in this life;

To the abundance and purpose that may never find me

and the greater goals we can exceed;

To the stagnant energies and vibrations I’ve begun to leave behind

the unuseful habits, routines,

the harmful repetitive patterns I stopped serving

because they no longer served me;

To the grief and trauma I’ve just started learning how to heal and release;

To the luminous inner-child no longer huddling inside herself,

broken, frightened, and lonely,

who instead smiles and laughs, who now knows true peace and joy;

To the Voice I’ve found within that speaks the truth to my power

and gives me the courage to strut my soul path

with confidence, and with grace;

To my Kintsugi heart that’s held space for all the versions of me

that have matured and strengthened my spirit,

that encourages me to hold my own and speak up for myself;

To the Higher Self that’s quietly waited for me to get in touch,

who reminds me to keep calm and keep moving;

To my intuition, which has never steered me wrong;

To my energetic, physical, etheric bodies

and forces of chi

that kept going even when I was disconnected and unkind to them;

To the Universe, Spirit Team, Guardians, Ancestors, Ascended Masters, and Angels who have

been so supportive and patient

with my gradual and challenging evolution…


It’s not that I’m not optimistic

that harmony and balance will bless my life,

It’s only that I’m aware anything could happen, at any time;

So I’ve learned not to dwell or ruminate on uncontrollable factors,


I honor the presence of all the loving, healing, transformative


that have, are, or yet to manifest in my life,

I extend love and gratitude for your guidance

and lessons

and growth

on my soul’s journey

along Destiny’s path.


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A collective of thoughts, poetry, writing works, blurbs, and other randomosity


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