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Tiny Pearls

You don’t like the thoughts
I think –
only when they’re in written form.
But, hell…
even my conversational inclinations
tend to wear on you
over time.
So I
think my thoughts
and swallow my words
and I
cradle my writing precious close…

Tiny pearls, my words,
that I rediscover regularly,
and keep cultivating;

I’m careful not to hurt the clam.




23 September 2019
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Tone-Deaf in Continuum

Highly intense,
and so much more awkward;
lapses in social skills and judgments
results of consistent self-isolation
from being ostracized
in public space…

Because, never give them the opportunity to do it for you…

Time spent in my own mental
stripping me of the ability
to properly converse
with other persons of being…

writing all my conversations
with myself
into continuum –

Those who’d talk to me
soon quickly found
I’m conversationally tone-deaf,
either too intensely enthused
over things that didn’t matter to them,
or awkwardly-anxiously bumbling along,
self-conscious odd silences
interspersed with diluted outbursts –
just trying to keep up
with ebbs, flows, and full stops.

Afterward, obsessively replaying,
unending cinematic
repetition –
Visions that torture the consciousness
and made me wonder what else
I could’ve said, at the time…

Never once,
did I ever [stop to] consider
my partner(s) in these discussions
might have been experiencing
the same doubts, notions,
and internal confusions
as I.

And even today,
I sometimes still struggle
to articulate,
even with all my words
and colorful profusion of expression
I still feel always
that I’m missing
some critical element.




04 September 2019
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It seems like the more I align with myself and move my life in what I know to be the right direction, the more people [think: family + some friends] think I am pulling away from them.

And honestly, maybe I am…we all have our own [life] paths to travel, and as I grow, I’ll continue to draw people and energies into my life that are on similar levels – unfortunately, that doesn’t leave much room for those not on the same wavelength.



27 August 2019
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Break it up, break it up
store it in boxes
divide it into compartments
with neat little labels
and color-coded dividers…

Leave some things here,
in this odd storage;
You’ll feel lighter.

And the rest?
Well, they’re free to be;
free to roam,
except when opposites
become truth.

But it’s my mind –
it don’t quite fit
within these bonds I’ve created
to restrain its willful roaming…

And sorting
is now a bit of a personal nightmare;
It seems
the more and the more
I attempt to refrain
from the compartmental,

the more I find
in these hurt lockers;
put away, forgotten –
break it up,

but don’t bring it home.




26 August 2019
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Bad Vision

How much I take in
from just observing
the people and things around me…

But often more than never
the beautiful act
of being watchful
shows me ugly truths
about others.


Every now and then,
I question my own vision.


22 October 2019
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Vernal Aesthetics and Night

peppermint tea in a favorite cup
water in a sticker-laden bottle,
the front lawn a dusky backdrop
in the tri-light of early evening aesthetics.

porch lights blink on –
the first fireflies of night.
crickets trill and voices travel;
cars arriving at homes
leaving them too…

sirens in the distance
too brief to ponder their disturbance.
air moves, moonlight and streetlight
compete for presence,
filming the scene in picturesque haze.

laughter and children’s small shouts
mingle with closing doors
and the wandering breeze

sounds of neighborhood…

time begins to meander
and stars twinkle amusedly,
tiny laughing winks
in the vast eye of night.

and sight and sound are one
energy is air

the day fades away.


11 May 2019
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Nightmares (Chasing Freedom)

Our fears only chase us

in our dreams…

And so we call them nightmares,

beasts of the dark

that gallop along craggy shores

of wasteland with no end…

And us, believing we can’t escape,

not realizing our captivity

lives only in our brilliant minds.

Yet still, we run –

Chasing the freedom we’re running from.

Hoofbeats of shadow

fade into new day’s dawn…

And still,

their thunder

clouds the brazen horizon

of our visions of day.

Our terrors only torture us

from our nightmares.


Written 12 February 2019
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[Poetry] – Fabled Enigma

I am poetry.

I am curves and swirls

letters and words and sentences

and action…

I am language

of both the unspoken

and the talk told.

I am stories

and I am legend.

I am writer

but also reader,

I am traveler

and also vehicle.

I am fact

in all its fable,

I am craft

I am creator.

I am versamilitude

I am intangible



Written 07 February 2019
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Light Feels Heavy

But I’m not ready to come down yet –

and I’m not ready to launch this next rocket, either…

I just need a transitional lift,

one that elevates me to the space where

I can’t tell up from down,

and light feels heavy…

Where I’m just meandering

and solitude is a friend.

Floating peaceably along;

reality’s edges soft and glowing,

and me just a wisp

of smoke, and warmth, and knowing.


Written 02 February 2019