A collective of thoughts, poetry, writing works, blurbs, and other randomosity

Annoyed sighs arrhythmic stomps eye rolls and snarky commentary that leans toward disrespect… Defensiveness, awkward insecurity – Ooh, attitude. Confusion and changes, changes. Outward bravado masks inner vulnerabilities [that give way to strength] self-expression reduced to code words, shorthand and random dance moves. And still, a middle-of-the-road beauty about it all – Shrugging off the …

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Running hard andpounding pavements – trying to escape my roots;Damaged, ultimately tainted.Who wouldn’t,whenMom’s a basketcase;Dad an alcoholicto boot? I have no friends. I can’t talk to them;And not becausethat door’s not open…Moreso becauseI don’t want to be like them,and yet somehow still –I’m hopin’… Things will change.I tell myself this;Not sure at this point ifI …

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October 17, 2019

I beast.

Because, running a blog while working, parenting, and wifing full-time, while holding it all together?! Hello. It me. πŸ‘‹πŸΎ

Not bragging, just proud of myself and how far I’ve come, compared to who I once was.

All I can think of these days is all I endure and I tell myself it’s so my daughter doesn’t have to when she encounters the world on her own. But the sad fact is I’m raising her to be prepared to endure the same things, and it hurts me to my soul… The thought …

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With just a simple thought, the firing of a synapse, the striking of nerves, the launching of cells, power emerges. The power to create – willed with only an unspoken command… rawness and rarity. The epitome of true talent; How beautiful the mind is that even subconsciousness affects reality.   18 September 2019

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A collective of thoughts, poetry, writing works, blurbs, and other randomosity


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