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Stay Lit

the spliff don’t
stay lit
when you dropping knowledge.

So basically,
it goes out when
output becomes greater than intake…

The cherry loses its fire,
and the tree
stops pulling.

Sometimes I think our brains are essentially just unusually-shaped blunts.


15 October 2019
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Playing Fields

If women
aren’t smart enough,
responsible enough,
capable enough,
tough enough,
or even…

simply not good enough

to level the playing fields
of men,
then why is it
they’re entrusted with
educating children and adults alike,
responsibility for their welfare,
deemed capable of shouldering
everyone else’s bullshit;

Given the strength and toughness
to create and bring forth
consideredย good in every way
but the one
that enables them
to stand equally
and individually
among men

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Thought: If you’re going to do a thing, always be doing that thing.

I’m a writer – I’m always writing, often on any surface I can, anything from the pages of my journal, to receipts, paper bags, napkins, post-it notes – you get it.

I know I’ll be profitable from it, eventually. [I’m aware that] instead of “profitable,” many say, “successful.” But I’m already successful, because I do the one thing I love, as often as I can do it, in as many different ways and places I can do it. Also, because “successful” has a much nicer ring to it than “aspiring.”

Money never amounted to success for me personally; Currency (as both concept and medium) is not something that’d ever bring me true happiness. However, writing, creating, produces for me a certain joy that even the most dynamic of words don’t begin to describe.

Doing the thing that brings me the most fulfillment each day, whether I’m profitable or not, is the only measure of success I’m willing to accept. And no, maybe I don’t write every day, but I do it often enough that it feels like I do it every day. This is important, because the way we feel about what we do contributes both to overall well-being and perspective.

I’m both grateful for and humbled by my ability to create, no matter what it leads to.

Money is merely a milestone in success, not a measure of success.

Just a thought…

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High on Life

I put it to my lips,
inhale –


a brand new world
full of color and light,
Gaia and her decolletage
glowing graciously;

Seasoned hostess
of all life’s natural events;
Mini festivals,
Celebrations of existence
everywhere we are…

If only we made more time
to keep time’s capricious pace,
even if just for the briefest of moments.

Sailing high on the knowledge that
a simple look around
expands perspective,

And potential
reminds that we are
our only


29 September 2019