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Funny how
the people you’re born

The people you’re born and raised
are more stressful than
the almost-strangers you speak to in passing
each day…

Funny how some days
secret parts of me
occasionally wish
those strangers were
my family –

At least most of them
are always trying
to get to know me,
instead of all the time

they already do.

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Evening Out

Evening, Ma’am, Sir.
Evening walks
to nowhere in particular
and everywhere I’m going.

Evening coffee,
evening meal…
Evening matinees awaken the sky,
as sun sets
horizon alight with gold and orange;
rose and wine and blue.

Evening – shadows.
Moon is rising
the wanes of Gibbous
in half…

Evening, crickets –
how melodic your trill.

is the middle between
[the] time to rest
and trying to be


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I fear
I’ve messed this all up –
This life thing,
It doesn’t feel like I’m doing it
quite right.

I’m always just…
every bit of the wrong things,
too intense, too awkward;
too passionate, too aggressive.
Too full of words,
too not enough.

I don’t know how to fix it,
make it better…
is it only my own responsibility?
“Different” can be a lonely life…

It only hurts
when I think about it
too much.

Instead of thinking too hard, I just let my wonder


It’s only easier
because I’ve always had trouble believing
my thoughts
could cause me pain.

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With just a simple thought,
the firing of a synapse,
the striking of nerves,
the launching of cells,
power emerges.

The power to create –
with only an unspoken command…
rawness and rarity.

The epitome of true talent;
How beautiful the mind is
that even subconsciousness
affects reality.


18 September 2019