A collective of thoughts, poetry, writing works, blurbs, and other randomosity

I need to write

like I need water;

As often as possible

it feels almost as

necessary and natural

as breathing…

More reliable

than other humans;

expectations don’t come

with nature.

I just want

peace of mind,

clarity, and solid discussion

If that happens only with myself

I’m beyond good with that –

I’ll never stop being who I am


speaking and walking

in my truth.


What is it, what is it,

what is it?

This…sensation I feel when

we interact?

Warm expansions in my chest

like an outward ripple effect

from my heart[beat]’s syncopations

that create an afterimage, an echo –

Heavenly sounds and chimes

ring deep within my ears

and spirit…

I always feel lighter, freer

tingling everywhere with sheer energy

from my very Crown to my Earth Star.

I see our energies blend

dancing a dance

older than the first rudimentary concepts

of time

as both measurement and memory.

Igniting fires that smolder deep

in the core of us;

Then you said, “I love you,”

so clearly, so intentionally, so…


I was so taken aback

I thought maybe you didn’t realize

what you’d said.

Except I said it back

“I love you, too…”

Why did I do that?

Why did it feel so…

so natural, so…easy,

like we’ve always said these words to each other

this way?

I felt warm and cold all over

shot through with electricity,

lightning bursts of light and flame

that make my chest warm

and my breathing erratic.

I felt our connection

form, deepen,

our bond become more intricate;

our souls further intertwining

as though we both realized

our destiny

[is] together –

Today – of all days,

is an 8 day

Infinity rules


What is it?

What it could be, is…

maybe we’ve met our match

in each other.

Our potential is

an unlimited reservoir

of growth and evolution.


I don’t even think about you


You’re more a fleeting thought

or a passing memory these days;

And even scrolling past a picture of us

or you

doesn’t hit my heart as hard as it

once did –

Now I’m just…

grateful, and wish you the best.

My scars are healing

and the triggers are releasing

and all I want now these days,

for myself

and even for you,

is peace.


I have questions

like how I felt so drawn to you

so immediately

when I swore I wanted to protect my heart?

Or how we vibe so well together

when we haven’t even

decided what this is yet?

Why are you showing up

in my dreams, making them more…intense

than they have to be?

Why do I smile so much

when you text me?

I have a few questions

but I haven’t found any of their answers;




I thought you were different, and…

I thought we could be, too;

but just like all the others who ever

got [access] to my heart,

you brought triggers and damage –

even knowing the vulnerable spaces I’m in,

and the sore spots

I find myself ripping the scabs from

again and again

only to have to restart the healing process.

I’m tired of bleeding;

I should never ever

have trusted you

and now I know it’ll be a while before

I can trust anyone.

You just toyed with me like everyone else.

I can’t with this anymore.

Maybe it’s best if I just

never do this again.


I won’t get attached to you;

I belong to no one.

Yes, our collision is fated,

I’m not sure

if the spiral will

be worth the aftermath –

but spirals turn in all


So who’s to say how this all goes?

I guess I won’t know

until I take a spin



The Internet told me

it gets better with time


I want to feel this,


better they speak of;

Seems like every time I’m close enough

to reach it, touch it, be it

it’s snatched away.

Or, maybe it runs…

Either way,

all I’ve ever known is pain, and confusion.

I just want to heal

and I’m tired of

this interference.


just let me be



Inner Peace

True wealth is the wealth of the soul


Poetry, story and real life. Once soldier, busnessman, grandfather and Poet.


A collective of thoughts, poetry, writing works, blurbs, and other randomosity


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