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Back out into the world,


[it’s not so bad]

somehow I knew this day was on its way.

Doesn’t feel like I’ve been away too long

then again,

time is relative

and so are we, in a sense or two.

[but] honestly,

it feels like I can breathe again;

Feels almost whatever “normal” is

for most people

back to antisocial distancing

and awkward interaction.

Release me…

it won’t hurt you as much

as you think it will.


The dark is no friend of mine

but it’s your family;

Shadows creep and crawl

through your energy

like termites

they chew and gnaw away

the chunks of your soul

left to rot

by trauma and time.

I tried to save you

from yourself and them

but y’all bit me one time

too many…

I almost didn’t make it

back to the light;

Instinct and sanity

my only compass

guiding me back to

healing space

and washing me clean

with the waters

of enlightenment.


The outside cold

only affects you

because you’re cold inside

and you project it onto those around you

freezing them out of their element

to steal their warmth and light

and feed the hearth inside you

that knows not

the passionate blazes

of life force

and tranquility.


The cat’s curled up in a wide swath

of sunlight

at peace and full of bliss

and looking at him

makes me think,

me too, kitty –

me too…

All I want

is sunshine and silence;

you know?

Do you?

Know, I mean…?

He stretches and squints

and rolls over

I think he does know.

The best thing is

he never has to say so,

but the vibes are always there.


My writing is automatic

flowing forth from mind to medium

the comfort I hide myself in

as I purge myself of thoughts, emotions, pain…

It’s the sanctuary I’ve created

the shield against the unsafe spaces

I seem to always find myself in.

The one thing I can get lost in

that those around me leave me to

because art is love

and some love needs solitude

So even when I can’t be alone

the spaces within my mind

create the bubble I need

to coexist with the others;

Even those who don’t have my

highest good at heart.

Even when people intentionally try

to disturb my energy,

my process;

I can’t stop until I finish

and they eventually fade away,

like they were never there to begin with

and I keep…

transcribing my soul’s expressioins

and my heart’s desires

into existence and across time,

etching manifestation into


If no one ever knew I was here

my writing might at least

leave the mark I hope to

on this world.


From one minefield to the next,

I’ve somehow managed to avoid the triggers –

the bombs still blow

but the explosions happen in my mind,

unending afterimages of destruction

and I use my reality

as the gurney that hauls away the limbs

ripped from the body of work

created by harboring all the pain and delirium

of not being able to express myself;

Unable to scream my true nature

from the tops of destiny’s peaks.

I no longer question

why it has to be this way, when

I know the truth is actually

that I’ve been hiding myself from the world

and suffering in silence

because trust is a luxury I can no longer afford;

Not when

the last one I trusted

used it to cut me

into all the tiny pieces

I’m still trying to find…

I’m not safe here;

but it’s better than

being half-dead

from lack of awareness

of who I truly am.

At least this way,

I’m safe in my own head and heart –

the boundaries of solace

are limitless

until they’re pushed.


I flash-forward to many moments in time

and pass back through portals fused shut;

misguided retroversion?

I see matrices layered upon one another

and multiple universes in every direction.

I float above multiple events

happening simultaneously

in spacetime –

Though most don’t see so far ahead or backward,

they don’t realize they’re always at the center of the Universe

[at any given point]

they only see what they’re experiencing.

I contemplate which place to pay this visit;

Transactional though it is not,

I have a good feeling about the return trip.



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