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Vernal Aesthetics and Night

peppermint tea in a favorite cup
water in a sticker-laden bottle,
the front lawn a dusky backdrop
in the tri-light of early evening aesthetics.

porch lights blink on –
the first fireflies of night.
crickets trill and voices travel;
cars arriving at homes
leaving them too…

sirens in the distance
too brief to ponder their disturbance.
air moves, moonlight and streetlight
compete for presence,
filming the scene in picturesque haze.

laughter and children’s small shouts
mingle with closing doors
and the wandering breeze

sounds of neighborhood…

time begins to meander
and stars twinkle amusedly,
tiny laughing winks
in the vast eye of night.

and sight and sound are one
energy is air

the day fades away.


11 May 2019
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Nightmares (Chasing Freedom)

Our fears only chase us

in our dreams…

And so we call them nightmares,

beasts of the dark

that gallop along craggy shores

of wasteland with no end…

And us, believing we can’t escape,

not realizing our captivity

lives only in our brilliant minds.

Yet still, we run –

Chasing the freedom we’re running from.

Hoofbeats of shadow

fade into new day’s dawn…

And still,

their thunder

clouds the brazen horizon

of our visions of day.

Our terrors only torture us

from our nightmares.


Written 12 February 2019
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Light Feels Heavy

But I’m not ready to come down yet –

and I’m not ready to launch this next rocket, either…

I just need a transitional lift,

one that elevates me to the space where

I can’t tell up from down,

and light feels heavy…

Where I’m just meandering

and solitude is a friend.

Floating peaceably along;

reality’s edges soft and glowing,

and me just a wisp

of smoke, and warmth, and knowing.


Written 02 February 2019
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Soul Mirrors

I don’t search for failings in people,

those make themselves evident without prompting…

No, what I look for

are the hidden attributes

that make them unique,

humanly imperfect.

Flaws are attractive,

only in that

they refuse to hide themselves from others,

and so they force their owners

to accept them rather than trying

to change them.

It is in this acceptance of different,

this admonition of ego,

that I find the soul of a person.

It is where courageous change lives.

Those that embrace their personal truths,

no matter how painful,

are powerfully secure

in their understanding of self.

And it is in these people

I search for the elusive fragments

of the mirrors

that echo the reflections

of my soul.


Written 19 January 2019


Wisps of soul memory

flicker through flames of indigo.

Frequencies elevate;

Echoes of wavelength

heighten the potentiality hidden


that shine through persona

like the fiery hues

of my unique pigment

immersed in the sun’s rays.

Threads of old soul

lace through the fiber of my new being.

My royalty is humble,

its raiment a bejeweled aura

adorning my crown;

Upon a quiet eye without sight

opened by its own perceived vision –

my dreams never let me forget

who my ancestry was…

My state of being

thrumming with the kindred awareness

of matrilineal Nubian vibrations.


Written 27 November 2018

Not Me (A Bad Day)

I’m not myself right now,

and that’s okay…

I can’t be “normal,” or “happy”

every single day.

I mean, I could try, but then on the flip –

you’d only ask me why.

I’m not me, currently –

But I’ll be fine.

I’m just warning you

not to waste my time.

The truth is,

I’m in a bad mood.

Because I’m entitled to those,

everything can’t always be hunky-dory,

I suppose.

I guess that today

is just one of those days

where I can’t get it right

no matter what anyone says.

And I don’t really care,

that feeling just isn’t “there”…

That pretending to feel something I don’t –

I’ve never been a good liar,

so I won’t.

I won’t smile, or laugh, or joke,

because I don’t have the desire to invoke

the mirth of those around me – how can I,

When [presently] I’m not even happy?

I’m not trying to be rude,

I just need time to brood.

I guess what I’m really trying to say,

is that I’m having a bad day.