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the moon rise

ignite the fireflies

its gradual ascent

beckons my soul’s undercurrents…

Diamond stars flicker and twinkle;

small reminders

I am a galaxy

my planes

know no gravity

I could fly

if ย I wanted to.


03 July 2020
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Unillustrated Comicstrip


I was saying –
You know what, forget it.
Because I did. Forget…it.
What was it, again?

I don’t know, you didn’t –
Well, we were talking about ย  ย  ย  …

Right! Wait, that wasn’t…it.
It was…

Hmm. What was it?

I don’t know.
I guess we’ll never know

what it was.

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Gratitude: A Letter-Poem

You’ve given me such a great gift,

and the best part is

you don’t even know –

funny how a word, a gesture, a kind or selfless act

has the power to change a life.

And yours, it’s changed mine –

now I look at it differently.

And one day, I’ll thank you,

maybe even try to repay you…

But for now, I hope you know

that your quiet

and uplifting encouragement

has made all the difference

in how seriously

I live my life.

Gratitude is often not easily given –

but forever, you have mine…

I can only hope

that for every kindness you’ve ever shown,

and every warm word you’ve spoken

you find infinite and continuous


as you enjoy

your life.

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Like Music

Like music we are,
all of us –
notes first here and then gone…

Born of wayward inspiration,
our legacy is our song.

And here is where the music plays,
there aren’t often many who listen.
But here are the times when others sway…
Captivating, powerful forces –
elemental frisson.

Instruments and voices, rise as undivided One –
drumbeats are heart,
refrains constant as sun…
Though our grace ends far too soon,
amazing are its lessons.
Lyric holds memory,
rhythm is moon –
even tides dance to its
undulating boon.

Like music we live,
all of us;
Our melodies the ample gifts we give;
Albums to shifty paradigm –
riffs to full perspective.

Like music we begin to fade,
all of us –
Though no song goes on and on,
strains of the chords we’ve made
linger in continuum.

As states of being
meld into throes of flux,
paradox is often seen
in the tempos we conduct.

Like music we trend,
all of us do, too true –
Scaling our bars up and up
then up again;
And then fading down
to black arrival of new.

But somehow, somewhere,
someone remembers
we were there.

Like music, we are –
lilting crescendos inner near
[and] spread pleasantly afar…

Like music,
we always touch someone, all of us –
How powerful, how quintessential
we’re held dear,
We composers of mystical symphony;
We masters of our fear.

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Used-Tos (Next Episode)

I have some trouble

telling people all my “used-tos,”

It leads down this rabbit hole

of more things

I used to do, think, be, say, see.

And it seems like

I have issues,

but honestly, they’re more like


every one more distinct than its predecessor,

and each

a different minefield

to navigate.

I used to fear judgment,

But now,

I wait patiently

for the next episode;

Life is an unending season.

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Rough Draft

I love all the
squiggles, scratches,
scrawls, scribbles
carets and paragraph marks
unexpected brackets, write-overs, and random
that swirl boldly through
most of my handwritten work.

They all highlight mistakes,
yet also remind
how quickly the mind
to make sense of
all its random, unordered chaos
and then
create art
from it.

Inspiration tames madness;

I keep all my rough drafts.


15 October 2019