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Bad Vision

How much I take in
from just observing
the people and things around me…

But often more than never
the beautiful act
of being watchful
shows me ugly truths
about others.


Every now and then,
I question my own vision.


22 October 2019

[Reflection] Age of Transcendence

Why are we all so worried about getting/ being old? Signs of aging are such beautiful things – Each grey hair, wrinkle, mole, and freckle are the small evidences of wisdom we’ve received as we transcend life’s experiences; and overcome the obstacles we encounter as we journey our life paths. Embrace your age! You’re still a beautiful being, no matter what.

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Wandering Antenna

In the background,
Sadรฉ is crying everyone’s tears

and me, I just…
feel everyone’s feelings,
a wandering antenna
picking up the static
hidden behind waves –
not meant for shore;
Life is no beach.

Lapping in endless marathons
around frequencies unseen,
a maypole dance
of uncharged energy
for which I’m the conduit –

Like the crossed signals
of a broken remote;
I struggle to change the channels.