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I remember your lucidity

like my name;

I can never forget

how full of moxie

you once were…

Now, a shell

with traces of you deep within –

I’m trying to find the her I


She’s hiding from us,

but so dearly do we all miss

that quiet strength, that…

beautiful energy

that always told us

It will all always be alright.

I miss your mind, laughter, the soft caresses

of your work-worn hands.

Truly, I’d give almost anything

to have a conversation,

to hear you laugh…

Dementia has stolen that from us,

and as much as I want to hate it,


I still feel a certain rage

at all we can’t get back,

return to.

You’re still mine,

my heart and soul comes from you.

I just…

It hurts, and

I want my grandma

to just be,

the way you used to.

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Headache Prone

You make my head hurt –
every time you’re close
my mind travels
to lives of past vibrance
we once

You’re different there;
So was I –
but our soul flames always knew
how to find their twins
in each other…

You don’t like eloquence
and poetry
or prose;
And I’m prone to
thinking of ways
to tell you I knew you once,
many times over.

It hurts my head,
but then maybe I don’t even have to
say anything.
Or just maybe, I think too much.

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Heart Lingo β™‘

My heart writes in invisible ink;
You can’t see its lingo
with simply a naked eye,
but you can feel its songs
if you get close enough…

If you only touch,
you’ll find the drumbeats
your fingertips are always playing
and the rhythms
our souls dance to.