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I didn’t hear the dryer stop running,

though I knew when it did,

such a simple constant

that I

only register it in the background of

my mind, and…

I think sometimes my life is like that dryer in the background,

I feel it moving, all around me, sometimes past me;

But I just let it, and

every now and again,

it lulls me into believing that I can

leave the laundry until tomorrow.

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Unillustrated Comicstrip


I was saying –
You know what, forget it.
Because I did. Forget…it.
What was it, again?

I don’t know, you didn’t –
Well, we were talking about ย  ย  ย  …

Right! Wait, that wasn’t…it.
It was…

Hmm. What was it?

I don’t know.
I guess we’ll never know

what it was.

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It seems like the more I align with myself and move my life in what I know to be the right direction, the more people [think: family + some friends] think I am pulling away from them.

And honestly, maybe I am…we all have our own [life] paths to travel, and as I grow, I’ll continue to draw people and energies into my life that are on similar levels – unfortunately, that doesn’t leave much room for those not on the same wavelength.



27 August 2019