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Enigma of Existence

I feel like that lone puzzle piece
that doesn’t really fit
into any other puzzles

And yet, hope of finding its true place
is the enigma of its existence –

It’s worn enough around the edges
that it can pretend to fit for a while
in mildly disjointed puzzles;
Until it pops loose,
and is exposed as abnormality…

Cast aside
until itย almost fits into a different puzzle.
And so such cycles continue until
it’s cut to fit
and lacquered,
pressed into place –

Uncouth edges
suddenly glossy and smooth
which only really emphasize
its uncertain position…

How unique it was
When set carefully apart.

[Reflection] Age of Transcendence

Why are we all so worried about getting/ being old? Signs of aging are such beautiful things – Each grey hair, wrinkle, mole, and freckle are the small evidences of wisdom we’ve received as we transcend life’s experiences; and overcome the obstacles we encounter as we journey our life paths. Embrace your age! You’re still a beautiful being, no matter what.

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Wandering Antenna

In the background,
Sadรฉ is crying everyone’s tears

and me, I just…
feel everyone’s feelings,
a wandering antenna
picking up the static
hidden behind waves –
not meant for shore;
Life is no beach.

Lapping in endless marathons
around frequencies unseen,
a maypole dance
of uncharged energy
for which I’m the conduit –

Like the crossed signals
of a broken remote;
I struggle to change the channels.