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Used-Tos (Next Episode)

I have some trouble

telling people all my “used-tos,”

It leads down this rabbit hole

of more things

I used to do, think, be, say, see.

And it seems like

I have issues,

but honestly, they’re more like


every one more distinct than its predecessor,

and each

a different minefield

to navigate.

I used to fear judgment,

But now,

I wait patiently

for the next episode;

Life is an unending season.

[Reflection] Age of Transcendence

Why are we all so worried about getting/ being old? Signs of aging are such beautiful things – Each grey hair, wrinkle, mole, and freckle are the small evidences of wisdom we’ve received as we transcend life’s experiences; and overcome the obstacles we encounter as we journey our life paths. Embrace your age! You’re still a beautiful being, no matter what.

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#Hashtag (Symbols)

#hashtag my life,

shorten it to simple sentences,

and character limits

and finite blocks

of shorthanded text.

Strip my linguistics

from my creatively complex


equate my inability to comprehend


to the mass desire

to relate.

To someone, to anyone,

[to] find their flawed differences

mirrored in another being’s

abbreviated expression(s) of self.

I am a person,

yet, in words

my relative existence

is only symbols.



24 March 2019