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I realize I too often limit myself only

to my words and actions

and capabilities;

And that expanding my mind

is the way to break free.

But sometimes, I’m good where I’m at…

and isn’t that as much a part of being

who I am

as at any other distinct point in time?

I often think that

being still

or even refusing to move

has saved my life on many

an occasion.


09 December 2020
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Higher Ups

A sage soul once said

When you hit rock bottom,
there’s  nowhere left to go but up
and up.

I always envisioned this as
diving feet first into the ocean;
Maybe the deep end of
a pool –

never fully do I reach the bottom;
Even as gravity tugs
and despite its insistence
I’m already buoying back to the surface…

A question:

Did I ever actually touch the bottom, even a little?

Down’s always a possibility
on this elevator ride
but Up’s often the stronger motivation
when traveling –

Higher I get
higher I go
fiery air balloon of will
Floating, never stopping…

Until ground level
and bottom
are distant clouds
of memory.

10 August  2020
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Soul Muse(ic)

I listen to music

that arouses my curiosity


how a song would feel

on my skin

and how your frequency

is often the muse

to my soul.

I think your touch


my favorite song,


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One Track Binds

This one track on your playlist

shreds my heart to tatters

and I dread the days

your mood’s on


You said

You’re  not into my


One of your favorite vibes

is a spoken sonnet

of liquid love –

[And] now I know you meant me.

The binds of contradiction dig deep.

I overstand (here) holding

pieces of me that I tried

to give to you

and you rejected

with unkind excuses

and passive untruth.

29 August 2020
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Nothing’s Wrong

Today’s lunch:

coffee with a

tequila chaser

and a side of

meditative reflection…

Doing my best to cope;

But honestly, I hate

this state

of being –

Coping is no way of life,

I should be living as I breathe –

freely, and without thinking about it.

There are many who no longer own this luxury.

Being even more honest,

I never gave myself

the time and grace to mourn

my grandmother’s passing.

[Has it really only been a month and a half?]

And now we have a nation

shrouded in grief,

who’s also tired

and also hurting…

My sorrow no longer belongs to me;

Not when

Modern day lynching permeates our airwaves,

diminishes our vibrations –

looped almost daily, discussed hourly

for sensationalized effect.

Why can’t there ever be

just one day

where everything is peaceful,

and nothing’s wrong

like we already pretend

it isn’t?

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Writing a date –
a task so simple as
printing numbers or letters
to mark a day in time,
reminds me that
fleetingly, I got to hold
a finite fragment
of a passing moment
long enough
to create a memory…

Without memory,
there’s no history;
Without history,
no legacy –

No legacy, no peace (of mind),
the greatest peace comes from
knowledge of self
and origins.
All the pieces of our soul
come from the pathways
of generation
our bloodlines paved through
time and space…

Writing a date
is a moment of reverence;
Cursive my homage to it
The action alone
indelibly weaving
part of me
directly onto the tapestry
of time.